The Magic of Shea Butter

I am not cutting edge. I am usually late to the party. I will eventually upgrade my gadget but I will certainly not be in line overnight for it. And so of course, here I am using pure shea butter for the first time in my life and finding its properties somewhat magical, all the while wondering why I haven't been benefitting from it forever.

For years, it's been used in myriad ways. To name a few: dry/itching skin, insect bites, sunburn or minor burn care, muscle fatigue, wrinkles, eczema and stretch marks during pregnancy. I opted for shea butter when I needed a salve for my daughter’s chapped skin after a cold. She healed quickly and I started using it on a rash on my hands as well as the rough skin on my feet. It softened and healed my hands, and my feet between pedicures are softer than I've experienced before.

So, wanting to learn more I did a search and found the, and I was amazed to learn how many uses pure shea butter has. I was surprised to discover that only fresh and pure shea butter has healing properties because of the high levels of vitamin A and E.

If it's been sitting for months, or is combined with other ingredients it will not work in the way 100 percent pure shea butter will. Its only mild flaw is the smell. To me it's not the most pleasant but at least it's natural and is not overwhelming, it fades quickly once rubbed into the skin, and is a tell-tale sign that the shea butter you're using is the real deal.

I highly recommend adding pure shea butter to your beauty routine. Find it at most natural food stores.