Portland Adventures: West End Select Shop

In June, I took a sweeping road trip through Oregon and Washington and along the way, I had a chance to spend a day in Portland. Beautiful city, kind people, creative energy, vibrant culture. I loved it. I also tried to take in as many boutiques as I could when I was there. Among my favorites was West End Select Shop, a darling store in the Southwest shopping area. Beautifully curated with some of my favorite designers and a bunch of new ones to keep my eye on, this store is a place that I won't forget. Lucky for me, the online shop is an active one. 

Above are two of my favorite things that the store is currently offering: this jumbo wrap/scarf from Humanoid is a stunner. Use it as a cozy blanket of sorts, or throw it on and wrap creatively for a night out.

The jewelry line, One We Made Earlier, is a new favorite that I found at the shop. Blending wood beads and cord together, this fashion forward necklace (and others like it) make a bold style statement, but diverge from the traditional blogger necklaces you see everywhere. 

If you're in Portland, you must visit West End Select Shop and if you can't get there, be sure to stop by online