The Makeup Chair: Axiology

The Makeup Chair is a monthly column by Jillian Wilkey, a professional makeup artist in the Bay Area.

Three years ago, Ericka Rodriguez began creating lipsticks in her Brooklyn kitchen. “I thought I was doing it for myself, but my natural formulation made me so excited that I had to share it with the world.”

What unfoled was Axiology, a line of 18 lipsticks that are formulated with pure ingredients like avocado butter and organic coconut oil to produce lipsticks that look stunning—while supporting the environment and your health. Her innovative approach is a major departure from how most lipsticks are formulated—they use petroleum, coal tar, and dangerous toxic properties.

Erica's line is so impressive I had to learn more about it.

What hole did you think was missing in the cosmetics industry and how does Axiology fill it? 

I love the idea of ethical, conscious beauty and I think Axiology was introduced at the right time to be part of this new movement. It's important for me to put my value system into my products. I believe in using only natural and organic ingredients, being mindful of our planet and animals, and having a strong philosophy that speaks to people.  

What makes Axiology lipsticks different and unique from other tint lipsticks? 

Axiology's color formulation is unique in that we do not use any synthetic colorants. Therefore, you won't find FD & C colors in our ingredient list such as "Red 7" or "Yellow 5." These colorants are made from lead and coal tar. Although they make for pretty colors, we don't believe it's worth it for our bodies. Axiology is unique in that you can wear our formulas safely and proudly without any of these synthetic colors. 

How did you solve the often tacky/dry lips problem that happens with stains? 

I use organic avocado butter which is smooth and creamy. I am also very generous with the amount of organic oils in our lipsticks. 

What can someone expect to love when using the line?  

Axiology feels more like lip balm, the way our colors look beautiful on every skin tone, and the philosophy behind what we are doing. We believe in helping to end animal testing and donating to organizations that help animals. 

What's your own go-to beauty routine? What are your five must-haves for beauty products?

I have a pretty natural beauty routine. I follow some of the guidelines written by Adina Grigore in her book, Skin Cleanse. I use oils to wash my face or only wash my face using warm water. Then I use a natural sunscreen. Most days I only wear bronzer, curl and mascara my eyelashes and apply Axiology lipstick. I like to keep my routine simple or I wouldn't have time to create new Axiology colors!

Axiology can be found online or at Salon on the Square in Santa Cruz.