The Hair Guru: Beauty Buzz Words

The Hair Guru is a monthly column written by Sheryle Pettet of Salon on the Square in Santa Cruz, Calif.

Technology is a wonderful thing, however, what do these beauty buzz words mean (below) and why should you care?

Ionic tools generate negative ions. Negative ions work to dry hair from the inside out which reduces the drying time. Negative ions help the cuticle layer lay flat and eliminate static.  

Ceramic is a composite material that is porous and ionic. It can be used in a blow dryer in the heating element, a coating on internal parts, or the plate of a flat and/or curling iron. It produces a far-infrared heat which is gentle and helps to retain natural moisture in the hair. 

Titanium generates more negative ions than ceramic and it is not porous. This technology maximizes ionic output and is used in all forms of hot tools. Titanium irons are non-porous and therefore provide a smoother surface than ceramic. 

Tourmaline is a newer material. It’s a crystal that is ground up and used as a coating. When heated, it produces enormous amounts of negative ions, more than ceramic or titanium alone. This reduces drying time significantly.

Are you still unsure which is best for your hair type? Ask your stylist for a recommendation and do some research before you purchase. Hair tools are an investment, so make it count.