Another Reason To Love Kombucha

The benefits of drinking kombucha are no secret these days—the cold, fizzy fermented tea has become wildly popular in recent years as people have caught on to its valuable impacts on digestion, energy, and the immune system. But kombucha fans may be pleased to learn (as I was) that it’s also beneficial for skin. I became privy to this fact when I tried the Citrus Kombucha Cleanser from Andalou Naturals ($12.95/6 oz., The product line is known for taking all-natural skincare to a higher—and more scientific—level by incorporating fruit stem cell science into each product. For instance, in the kombucha cleanser, apple and grape fruit stem cell cultures work to repair damaged skin cells, enliven dormant cells, and bolster healthy ones. But the star ingredient is grapefruit kombucha, which provides active enzymes that the company says neutralize germs and bacteria and improves immunity. I’ve been extremely satisfied by the cleanser, which is gentle, clarifying and brightening. Now I’m dying to know what else kombucha can do beauty-wise.

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