A Few Of Our Favorite Things: Beklina


For our Bay Area readers (where The Penny Rose is based) if you don't know about Beklina, you are missing out. This online boutique, helmed by fashion designer Angelina Rennell, is based in Santa Cruz, Calif., and sells hard-to-find, unique items from independent designers. With a nature-inspired aesthetic and artistic flair, everything at Beklina feels like it's one-of-a-kind. From gorgeous, patterned cashmere scarves to raffia clutches and geometric rings, this online shop is the perfect place to find something for everyone (including yourself). 

Scarf $360 / Clutch $85 / Earrings $95 / Rings $60 

Lina Rennell


 Angelina Rennell is by far a stand-out independent designer. Not only has she managed to launch and run a successful fashion line from Santa Cruz (big kudos for that), but her work has been featured in major magazines. As an environmentally-conscious designer, her clothing, bags, and more are produced locally, and Rennell not only sketches each garment but she also renders the textiles. It's an impressive feat. Her line can be found in stores such as indie darling boutique, Kaight, in Manhattan, and many others. (And, local stores, take note: She would love to sell her clothing in a Santa Cruz shop.) Here's a look at the designer and her current spring 2012 line in which she incorporates an artsy/modern/Scandinavian look into her garments. 

When did you first start designing your line, Lina Rennell? 

I started in '09. My first collection was titled "Big Sur Meets Helsinki." 

How did you get into fashion design? 

I've always been arty and I've always made things. After a couple of years running Beklina.com (her online eco-boutique), learning the process, and getting regular inspiration, that's what really lead to the line.

Why do you love this work? 

I like making things, in my head and with my hands—planning and day dreaming. I love color and art, and so much more, and this allowed me to get my hands in all of that. It's creative, expressive and goes where I want it to.

How would you describe your process?

Multi-tasked. I wear so many hats. It requires extreme organization and self discipline.

How do you make it work as a fashion designer in Santa Cruz? 

I couldn't do it without the Internet. I would have to live in a major city otherwise, and I do think there would be more opportunities for me in the city, but I'm not a city person. I need all the fresh California air and space. I spend time in cities throughout the year but I always feel like I'm holding my breath until I'm out.

Where can your spring line be found? 

At Beklina.com or at locations listed on Linarennell.com.