Tees, Please

It was right before I visited Argentina for the first time in 2007 that I purchased my favorite T-shirt. The brand was Deletta, and I found it on the sale rack at Anthropologie for about $20. It has since accompanied me to regions as various as South America, South Korea, the UK and random domestic road trips in our own Golden State. The point is, it’s one of those shirts that never says die. Equally at home in the Andes Mountains as it is in the tasting room of a Napa Valley winery. Sadly, during that particular sale I had purchased only the peacock green variety, and as I notice holes popping up along the seams some five years later, I berated myself for not having purchased multiples in every color. I have since vowed never to let that situation happen again. Find a favorite, buy 20! Now, Anthropologie offers a shirt of a kindred spirit to my old standby, by the name of the Here and There Tee.

With ruched shoulder detail, a boat neck and long length, this tee truly stands out from the basic boring crowd. And with colors from black to butter, and patterns from stripes to dog silhouettes, this tee can maneuver from casual to office in a jiffy. Here and there tee? You make me one happy girl.