Intoxicating Scents: Barr-Co

I used to be picky about scents. But not anymore. Not after Christmas when I received a lovely sachet of bath salts in my stocking from Barr-Co, as well as the most intoxicating bar of soap from the company in the scent, Fir and Grapefruit. Since then, I've been completely sold on the brand. The Original scent, available online at places like Anthropologie and locally at Stripe, is said to have notes of vanilla, milk, vetiver, and oatmeal. It's soft, subtle, soothing, and smells exactly how you want to feel—calm and pretty. 

Valentine's Day Gifts


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So, your honey just asked what you want for Valentine's Day. Unlike Christmas where maybe you had a wish list ready on the spot, Valentine's Day creeps up on us and the "what do you want?" question can catch you off guard. And, maybe you're not the lingerie type. So you're stumped. Here's a round up of five of our favorite Valentine's gifts. A beautiful gold ring from Anthropologie, Barr-Co lotion (the best!) also sold at Anthropologie as well as locally at Stripe, Blithe and Bonny soaps sold in Santa Cruz at Cameron Marks, Tomboy, and Three Little Birds, our favorite bubble bath by Tokyo Milk, sold online and at Saffron and Genevieve in Santa Cruz, and this amazing pink and cream colored coin purse found on Etsy. So when he asks what you want, here's a group of items that will make you feel feminine, romantic and pretty all around.