Fashion Meets Fitness

It’s hard to ignore that fitness is having a moment in fashion. The trend of wearing workout gear inside and outside of the gym is here to stay for a while. As a fitness and fashion enthusiast, I’m excited to see this movement. Workout gear that can stand up to the most rigorous activities is now expertly cut to accentuate a woman’s best parts, and designs incorporate feminine, fun, chic, or even sexy details and colors. Whether working out, running errands or eating brunch, here are a few of my favorite styles: Capri tights from Crane & Lion, legging fom Jala Yoga, tank from Lorna Jane, long-sleeve tee from Anthropologie, sports bra from Cory Vines, shorts from Nualime, surf jacket from Free People, and sunglasses from Oakley.

Studio to Street Style

Ashley Cramer is the owner of The Barre Studio in Capitola, Calif. Photos by Tommy Parker.

Crazy schedules during the holidays mean we often squeeze in a workout between other plans like a holiday happy hour, date night, or last-minute shopping. Lucky for us, activewear is now functional and fashionable. As owner of The Barre Studio, I have learned some tips and tricks to stylishly transition my workout wear from the studio to the street. No time to change? No problem.

Step 1: Start with a great base layer. Leggings paired with a fitted tank in neutral colors like black, gray or white will be the foundation of your post-workout outfit. The Kym from Splits 59 is my personal favorite basic black legging because it does wonders for the butt. To be extra stylish, try leggings with patterns, textures or mesh details. Whether you choose a traditional racerback tank or a cami with memorable details, a neutral color makes it a solid building block.

Step 2: Layer on street wear. You could be fancy, comfy, and casual or whatever else is required for your event. Try a sparkly top for a holiday party, oversized sweater for dinner with friends or a chambray shirt and vest for happy hour at the local pub. Just remember that your top should have enough volume to balance the tight leggings. 

Step 3: Accessorize. Accessories tie the look together and help convey your overall style. Accessorize with earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces to show whether you are bold, classic, minimalist, eclectic or anywhere between. Don’t forget to switch your gym bag for a fabulous purse or clutch. A long cashmere scarf is typically my final touch, and I have this one in several colors.

Step 4: Wear appropriately fabulous shoes. Shoes can make or break the outfit. Since it’s winter in Santa Cruz, tall boots and booties are my go-to for a stylish move from the studio to street. You can also try heels if you’re feeling fancy or funky sneakers like these for a casual look. Reserve your running shoes and UGGS for the studio only.

Step 6: Do a quick beauty touchup. Before you’re ready to go, swipe your face, neck and armpits (yes, armpits) with a cleansing towelette. Give your face a quick freshen with a BB Cream to moisturize and even skin tone, add a layer of mascara and swipe on lipstick.

Studio outfit: Mesh Trim Cami from Beyond Yoga, $77 / Spacedye Essential Long Legging in Black/White by Beyond Yoga, $88. All items are available to purchase at The Barre Studio.