A Case of the Blues


The Blues

The September issues are lining the shelves in all their glossy splendor, decrying the de rigeur looks for fall, fashion’s busiest season. There’s the rugged, backwoods look of hunting caps and shearling vests a la Burberry and Michael Kors. Ralph Lauren’s jaunty yet elegant, straight out of a Fitzgerald novel, roaring '20s aesthetic complete with cloche hats and dropped waists. And then there is blue. This color cum trend has hit the runways hard, trickling down from the likes of Stella McCartney and Gucci to affordable high street mainstays like J. Crew and Old Navy.

How to choose a blue? Cerulean, cobalt, navy, beryl, sapphire—the beauty of this serene yet vibrant hue is that there is a blue for everyone and for every occasion. Punch up your day with a pair of royal blue pumps, or work a glamorous dusky turquoise dress like Kate Middleton so gracefully did to a recent concert in London. Or you can do what I do when a color becomes a trend and simply buy a cardigan in that tone, then wear it to death with everything you own for the entire season. Economical! Warm! Trendy!

Another way to rock the blue train is to layer your blues. Consider a shoe in one hue, a bag in another and a blouse or skirt in still a third. Varying shades of blue combine effortlessly and look magnificently on trend, just be sure to add a base color like white or black to keep from looking too smurf-like.

By far the easiest trend of the season, I for one intend to ride the blue wave until it breaks on the earth tones predicted fashionable for spring.