Meet Cameo Clothing Founder Elisa Randazzo

 If you're a fan of timeless style, then you're in for a treat. Cameo clothing (sold at Stripe in Santa Cruz) and online (as well as at boutiques across the country), is a winning combination of comfort, sweet details, elegant lines, and beautiful fabrics. And, it's a fan among celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Heidi Klum, Rachel Bilson, Fergie, and Marion Cotillard, who've all made purchases from the line. Behind-the-scenes is the company's illustrious founder, Elisa Randazzo, who quit her day job in 1998, was signed as a recording artist to Sony Publishing, and began pursuing her two passions: music and clothing. At first, making clothes was just a hobby but as she kept at it, her efforts birthed the line, Cameo, in 2005, which is based in Los Angeles. 

It's there in the City of Angels that every garment of the line is created and all fabrics used are milled there whenever possible. Randazzo makes sure to provide her workers with fair wages and the result, of course, is quality garments. 

The Penny Rose recently caught up with the designer to hear about what makes her tick.

What's your personal history/experience in fashion design?

My Mom always had an incredible wardrobe, and helped me appreciate fine designs from an early age.  My parents were songwriters and entertainers, so Mom was always dressed to kill. Later on, I worked my way through university in retail shops in Paris and New York. I learned from examining what I was selling—what I liked about it, and what I thought could improve.  

How would you describe the aesthetic of Cameo? 

Easy to wear and comfortable, yet classy and timeless. I like to think that these are clothes you can wear all day into the night.  

Who is your typical customer?

Creative people who want to look feminine, yet don't want to look like they're trying too hard to impress.

You also have a men's line?

I occasionally make men's shirts—mostly custom orders for my male friends in bands. The most illustrious male client would have to be Ringo Starr.

What do you think is the allure of your clothing? 

That it is timeless and comfortable. Ladies feel as beautiful as they look!

How would you describe your personal style?

I wear my own line and vintage.  I love old pieces—most of my wardrobe has holes in it and I'm ok with that.

What’s your favorite brand of denim?

Old Levis.

What’s your favorite skin care item?

Shea butter and Decleor's Baume Aromatique Iris. 

On occasions where you need to get ready in a rush, what is your quick ‘n’ easy beauty routine?

Baby powder for dirty hair, cheek and lip stain and mascara. Leave black eyeliner from earlier that day. Works every time!

What is the most unusual or surprising beauty product in your arsenal?

Aloe vera.

You’re traveling, and can only bring one bag: what favorite beauty/fashion items stay home, and what must go with?

I make a point of bringing one suitcase, no matter how long the trip. I hate overpacking. Bring what is comfortable and pair it with something that sparkles or shines. Bring jewelry and small accents rather than lots of pairs of pants that take up too much space. Bring sexy undergarments to wear underneath cardigans and jackets. Always bring a dress. 

Mani or pedi?


Lip gloss or lip balm?

Balm. Gloss gets yucky.

Heels or flats?

In between.