Everpurse: The Charged Up Clutch

Whenever I travel to New York, undoubtedly, I burn up my iPhone battery, mostly on the GPS feature, navigating my way through subway stops and finding charming boutiques on random streets. The one thing I have always wished for on my adventures is to have some kind of classy charger built into my purse. I thought that was a dream—until now. Meet Everpurse. Its motto: "the purse that charges your smartphone," and that's exactly what it does. Via a technological breakthough, Everpurse has a "special charging pocket and dock connector at the bottom." When you get home at nighttime, simply drop your purse on top of a charging station (seen in the photo above) and in the morning grab your purse and go. 

Curious about the brand, The Penny Rose caught up with Chicago-based founder and CEO, Liz Salcedo. 

How did the company come to be? 

We built our first prototype in 2011 and launched online September 2012. Dan, my husband, and I, built the first prototype for myself, as a personal DIY project. It came out of a desire to create the perfect purse, something both beautiful and functional. As I could never keep my phone charged, we decided to create a way for me to charge my phone inside my purse. After not too long, friends and family started asking to borrow by Everpurse to charge their phones at dinner, or when we were out together. Pretty soon I got requests to turn people’s bags into Everpurses and retrofit them with the tech. That was a great way for me to learn how to integrate and combine fabrics, leathers, and electronics. In the summer of 2012 we decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign to test the market and see if we could turn Everpurse into a real business. It was a huge success.

Everpurse had one run in 2013 and another line is coming in the spring of this year? 

Yes, our first collection sold out holiday 2013. We will have our next collection this spring. We’re also working on some pretty awesome products for later in the year. 

How has the product been received in the marketplace since being launched in 2013? 

We’ve had incredible feedback from customers. So many women tell us that they never have to think about charging their phones or looking for outlets any more.  

Where is it sold at in addition to online, or is online the only place right now? 

Currently it's only online, although we are working on wholesale relationships for later this year. 

Do you have any exciting collaborations coming up in 2014? 

Yes! Although I cannot say who yet. The co-branded collaborations will be launched this fall and holiday 2014. 

How does Everpurse work, exactly? 

You drop your phone into the charging pocket and it connects with the dock. No cables to pull out although it is a physical connection. All the tech is hidden behind the lining so it is completely seamless. The bag charges wirelessly on a charging mat that comes included. Everpurse will recharge an iPhone twice. Our spring collection will charge up to three times. 

Is it hard to get it to charge inside the purse? 

No, just drop the phone inside the pocket.

What style developments can we look forward to with the line? 

Some updates to the last bag, but also new products. A removable cross body strap, spring colors and textures, new sizes, more tech.

Why is this technology so cutting edge and so important? 

We love our tech and we love our fashion. Both are important parts of our personal identity. But even as our gadgets become more useful, if they aren’t beautiful we simply aren’t going to use them. Combining fashion and tech in a way that fits our lifestyle but doesn’t take away from the beauty of fashion is what Everpurse is all about. Our goal is to be the “intel inside” fashion and enable brands (through co-branded collaborations) to pass on the benefits of tech to their customers, so that no matter your style you can find a smart accessory you love.  

Who's your typical customer?

Our products target young, urban, tech savvy women. However, Everpurse is perfect for anyone who loves tech and fashion.

When will the spring line come out? 

We are targeting April 2014. 

What press has Everpurse had? 

InStyle magazine, WWD, Pure Wow, Daily Candy, Refinery29, Good Morning America, The Today Show, The Katie Couric Show, Tech Crunch, the Next Web, the Economist.

Learn more about Everpurse at everpurse.com. Shop for them here. Prices range from $189 to $329.