Living Proof: Curl Line

There's living proof that my curls can look good once again! I've just discovered the Living Proof Curl Enhancing Styling Mousse and this is what's been missing all of my curly-haired life. While I still use DevaCurl shampoo and conditioner, I've long been looking for a styling product that would bring my fine curls/waves back to life without frizz or crunchiness. This product does just that and more: it adds natural-looking thickness to my fine hair. I shampoo and condition, then add a golf ball sized handful of mousse to my hair and scrunch, then let it air dry. The result is the best curls I've had in years. Bonus: the product is made with a smart, new technology that allows for curls to last over a few days. So, on day two and three, simply spritz with water, scrunch again, and go. Talk about bouncing back.

Stocking Stuffers for the Curly Girl


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December will be here before you know it and that means shopping and enduring the crowds. That's the last thing I feel like doing this holiday season. I'd really like to get a lot of it done before the huge Black Friday shopping day. So, in an effort to get the busy work out of the way (shopping) and enjoy the season more, we'll be offering gift guides to help you make shopping easy and fun (and maybe get it done early). 

The first on our list are stocking stuffers for the curly-haired girl. Being a curly girl myself, I know how impossible it can be to find the right products for your hair type. So why not give the curly girl in your life a stocking full of sample size products to try?  

These are some of our favorites for all kinds of curly hair and I've tried them all. The Living Proof Thickening Cream isn't necessarily created for curly hair, but it's an excellent combination when merged with DevaCurl ArcAngel. The Thickening Cream beefs up fine, wavy locks, while ArcAngel creates soft, strong curls.  

Also on our favorites list is the DevaCurl One Condition, a nearly leave in conditioner that keeps your curls moisturized and easy to care for.  

The two sample kits here are a great way to try two of our favorite curly lines: Ouidad and DevaCurl. People usually love one or the other of these two lines, but you won't know which is your favorite until you try them both.  

And to top it all off, there's the Deva Towel, a $12 microfiber towel that's essential for eliminating frizz.  

Now, get shopping!