The Ultimate Day Planner

Last year I went through four day planners in the first four weeks of the new year. I tried out a Moleskine—it was small for my taste and didn't have enough of the features I was looking for. Then I found a regular large sized business day planner and its weary aesthetic made planning my days utterly boring. Then I went digital and gave my calendar on my iPhone a whirl. The problem there was typing in so many notes, appointments, reminders and such, that I stopped using it within a few days. I realized I was more of an old-fashioned pen-and-paper sort of person. (There are still some of us left in the world.) So, I set out to find the ultimate day planner—something with a week view at a time, broken down into time sections, also had a monthly calendar, a section for notes, and a hefty area to keep loose papers. 

After spending endless research time, I stumbled upon Plum Paper Designs on Etsy. With myriad cover designs and extensive planner options for all different needs, I was convinced I'd found the planner for 2013. I was absolutely right. I take it with me everywhere and use it endlessly. In fact, this spiral bound planner is my lifesaver. I'm gearing up to buy my 2014 version and for those who prefer paper planners, I can't recommend this company or this planner enough.