Candle Cravings

One of the things that makes me the happiest is taking an hours-long bubble bath surrounded by flickering candles. The bath is great, sure, but there is something about candles that just relaxes me. All that beauty, all that ambiance, and if you’re lucky enough to be using a Diptyque candle, all that amazing scent. The Parisian company goes back 51 years and have since been handcrafting candles with artisanal precision. The candle itself is poured into small, unassuming glass jars with a black and white label sporting the company name. The epitome of understated, French chic. But what is not understated is the dazzling scent contained within each small votive of wax. Subtle in the best way that simply makes a room smell amazing, but not overpowering, each candle’s aroma transports one to a provincial field of lavender, a beach in Nice or perhaps, a spring morning picking berries in the Alps. Simply pick your pleasure and light it up.

One of my favorite things about Diptyque candles is that when the wick has been burned down, the glass jar can be washed and converted into the most perfect pen holder ever to grace a desktop−the thick, heavy glass a sparkling receptacle for ballpoints and pencils alike.

The candles are a minor investment, costing $60 a pop, but consider it a vacation without the crammed plane ride and dismal exchange rates. Instead, you’ll be transported to France from the confines of your very own bathtub. Free pencil cup included.

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