How To Dress For Your Wine Country Weekend (Slideshow)

For me, visting Sonoma or Napa wine country is like walking into a magazine. It’s as though nature turned the color saturation knob up and kept the sun shining setting on "constant." All of this is then complemented by gorgeous castle-like wineries against rolling vineyards, and of course, delicious wine.  

Yes, one might say I like it there (my friend Michelle might say I like it there too much considering I told her at least three times on a recent trip that I wanted to move there for a summer and pour wine for people—we’ve all got dreams).  

Now for the really fun part. In this beautiful setting, you get to dress for the occasion. There’s nothing worse than being uncomfortable and inappropriately dressed while trying to enjoy wine, take nice pictures, and soak in the idyllic atmosphere.  

Click on the above slideshow for a look at outfits to wear, bags to carry, shades to rock, shoes to wander in, and more from a seasoned wine country pro (does that make me a wino?) for your next trip to one of my favorite places in the world. Enjoy!