The Skin Nutritionist

There are two things that I believe go hand in hand—the quality of your skin and your food intake. Eating a bunch of junk? It just might show up on your skin. Dehydrated? Your face will show it. Gobbling up lots of Omega 3s, veggies, fruit, and all of that good for you stuff? Glowing skin will most likely be yours. But trying to wade through the fads and the science about skin nutrition can be mind-boggling. Enter San Francisco esthetician Elise May who has a fascinating approach to holistic skin care, and she's one-of-a-kind. As both a licensed nutritionist and esthetician, she brings her knowledge in both trades to her sweet spa room in the Mission District of the city.

There, May gives clients in-depth consultations where they discuss their skin woes, diet, food preferences, and much more. The Q&A session provides May with a battle plan for effectively working on a client's skin condition with the aim for clear, glowy skin. Her particular knack is in combatting acne, which she feels can really have a turn around by way of using all natural skin care products and changing one's diet.  

"Nutrition is the most powerful influence on the health of your skin," says May. 

Here are some of May's tips for overcoming acne: 

1. Minimize or eliminate as much dairy from your diet as possible. It is a huge contributor to inflammation, even the organic forms which still have natural animal hormones. 

2. Eat more fruits, greens and vegetables. Acne is often linked to many vitamin deficiencies. 

3. Give yourself a daily sugar budget of about 25-50 grams. Sugar is a big contributor to inflammation. (Fruit does not count here.)

In addition to consultations, this skin guru also offers an extensive array of facial services and sells several lines of all natural skin care products. Learn more about her at, or