It Just Won't Quit: The Denim Shirt


The Workhorse



It's been around forever and was bred out of necessity. The world needed a companion garment to jeans that could go the distance when faced with hard labor. The denim work shirt was born and is still a workhorse to this day. Its humble beginnings a thing of the past, it's one of the few items that can be worn all year and with practically everything. Since we're fully into Summer, it's effortless as a beach cover-up, yet totally acceptable at the office when tucked into a feminine pencil skirt. Add the right accessories like a skinny belt and wear with heels. Come Fall, don't be surprised by head-to-toe denim mixed and matched in all sorts of ways. If you haven't yet, the purchase of the right denim shirt could be an almost lifetime investment.

What I'd Wear: Outdoor Summer Wedding


the guest
I only have one wedding to attend this year. It's in October in New York, so maybe I'll do a blog on what I actually wear for that one. In the meantime, I couldn't let the summer wedding season pass without something to show for it. I enjoy weddings and celebrating a couple's love for one another. I take pleasure in plotting my wardrobe as well, and I like the simplicity of a dress. I've said before I'm highly motivated by my desire for things to be easy; a dress does that and lets me accessorize as my whims dictate. I almost always want a little something askew, be it a contrast color somewhere, a stud or spike mixed in with something floral, a skull ring with a lace dress, etc. Most of all, I want to have a great time dancing the night away and not worry about my ensemble, thus all of the pre-planning. Here's how I might put together an outfit for a romantic outdoor wedding. Sigh, if only I had one to attend.

Which Skirt Goes With Everything?


Goes with everything...

I know, you were going to say pencil skirt. Yes, it's true, it does go with everything but you might also consider a black leather skirt. "Oh no," you think, "they're so punk rock chick."  And in bygone years they had a bad girl reputation; nothing wrong with that, but the newer incarnations of black leather skirts are softer, more feminine styles and they do go with everything. An A-line style flatters everyone but I'm loving this slightly gathered one. Can't quite imagine yourself walking down the street in it? Picture yourself in your favorite ensemble and then switch out whatever's on the bottom for the skirt. It works, right? Think girly: fluffy angora sweaters or lace camisoles. Feeling a little rock glam? Pair with stripes and a few studs for good measure. Office appropriate? Yes! With a little blazer and a bow blouse, so elegant and edgy librarian. Dressing up? Add some sequins or beautiful applique. Funky mix? Bold gingham works. This skirt goes so many ways, it might just become the new workhorse in your closet.

What's Black and White and Chic All Over?


Black and White Icons

Every year trends come and go but some things withstand the test of time because they are already perfect. One of those is the always classic combination of black and white. Whether it's stripes, dots, florals, geometrics or just good ol' fashioned solids paired together, you can't miss with black and white and this spring is no different. Timeless and elegant, think Jackie Onassis, white pants and a black sweater will always be fabulous. Black dress and low heels? Thank you, Audrey Hepburn. The greatest thing about this combination is that it works on everyone. For the edgier among us, paired with perfectly messy hair it's rock 'n' roll. Think Gwen Stefani or Debbie Harry. Fearless? Let Grace Jones or Lady Gaga be your muses. Whatever your style, black and white is always right.


Black and White: always chic