International Beauty Report: English Hair

For some, England brings to mind scones, the royal family and more recently, Downton Abbey. But when I think of England, it’s the beauty product Mecca—Boots—that captures my undivided attention. Now that I am engaged to an Englishman, I have the happy prospect of many future visits to the UK, and subsequently to Boots, where I can stock up on brands often not sold across the pond. One of my favorites? Lee Stafford.

The English celebrity hairdresser’s line of products has taken my hair product arsenal by storm. While browsing in the hair care aisle, I spotted a collection of bright pink bottles. Upon closer inspection, I noticed the logo sported a picture of a bulldog—and being the canine lover that I am, I was hooked.

I tested out two products: the Dry Shampoo and the Flat Iron Protection Shine Mist. Verdict? Both are excellent.

Ever since my hairdresser told me she only washes her hair once every four or five days, I’ve adopted a similar regimen. Trouble is, I balk at the first hint of greasiness. Dry shampoo has become my closest friend and ally, and I’ve never found one better than Lee Stafford. It sprays on in the form of a very fine powder, and makes my hair feel soft and fresh.

The Flat Iron Protection Shine Mist, too, is a winner, and makes my unruly, frizzy hair behave properly—even in humid weather. And the icing? The scent of these products is addicting, in fact, Stafford’s slogan is “Have fun, look wicked, smell beautiful.” Thanks Mr. Stafford, I will.

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