Indie City: Evens

Indie City is a monthly column featuring unique independent designers and artisans, and written by Sydney Pfaff, owner of LEGION in San Francisco.

It’s true that Austin and Marfa are the top spots in Texas getting major art and design cred these days, but they aren’t the only ones deserving—Houston’s not to be overlooked. There are many talented designers and artists in the southern city and my favorite among them is Kate de Para, designer of Evens, a covetable line of women’s apparel and accessories.

Kate makes fuss-free pieces with a timeless sensibility. Think boxy short-sleeve tops and silky t-shirt dresses in neutral color palettes. And she doesn’t just design her collection—she designs, dyes, cuts, and sews the line from her Houston studio.

With a background in textile science and sculpture, topped off with a meticulous eye for detail, each Evens piece feels truly artful. There’s a noticeable intention to every stitch, shape, color, and splatter of paint, which I find dreamy and rare in clothing these days. The line’s name comes from her interest in finding balance and is pronounced like the word of the same meaning, “Even,” but plural. Kate finds much of her inspiration throughout Texas and uses a mixture of techniques throughout each collection, such as digital printing, hand and salt dyeing, and screen print.

In addition to her spring collection, now available in stores (yes, mine is one of them!), she’ll be releasing a capsule collection for summer in the coming weeks. Keep an eye out for Evens—knowing Kate, it’s only going to get better.

Sydney Pfaff is a San Francisco-based shop owner ( and freelance writer (