Beauty Blast: Prim Botanicals Potion No. 2

As you get older, all sorts of things start to change. Among them, the skin under your eyes. It gets drier and has a peculiar crepey sort of texture. None of this works well when you're trying to apply concealer. It gets smushed up in fine lines and doesn't go on evenly. After noticing that this was starting to happen to me, I wasn't having it. I knew there had to be a solution to this skin woe.

So, I turned to Prim Botanicals, a brilliant face oil brand that I recently discovered. They offer several products, but for my under eyes, I decided to give Potion No. 2 a whirl. And wow, have I been impressed. Instantly, my undereye skin has had a revival. It's soft, no more crepey skin, and concealer goes on easily.

The brand's philosophy on this product: "We use this on very dry skin, eczema, stretch marks, psoriasis, scars, rashes, burns and bites." (And also under the eyes.) "We've combined our favorite oils from the Amazon: Andiroba, Pracaxi with Marula from Madagascar to create a potion that promotes healing from head to toe. Goodbye dry, rough, irritated, inflamed skin! We won't miss you."

I won't miss that dry skin either.

Learn more about this beloved undereye miracle oil at

Beauty Blast: Prim Botanicals Potion No. 1

After sleepless nights, long hikes, dirt, and layers of sunscreen, when I returned home after a road trip, my skin was looking pretty ragged. It was blotchy, parched, and had plenty of dry patches. In an effort to fix my skin woes, I turned to a new beauty line that I recently discovered: Prim Botanicals, and the brand's Potion No. 1.

Their philosophy: "This highly concentrated blend of omega rich oils provides the deeply penetrating boost needed to help kiss zits, chronic dryness, signs of aging, and other unsightlies goodbye. It also contains anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant properties to help prevent new things-you'd-rather-not-deal-with from forming."

And boy, does it work—brilliantly. Within a week this serum whipped my skin back into shape. It's a new must-have in my arsenal of beauty products.

Next week I'll be featuring the line's Potion No. 2 and revealing why it's a game-changer.

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