Holding Onto It

My apologies to our vegan readers, but I just couldn't resist these leather clutches. For those living in the Bay Area, all three of these vibrant pieces are sold locally, and for everyone else, you can find these goodies online. The above geometric clutch by Falcon Wright is remarkably versatile, charming and very stylish. Even though it has a pop of pink, this unique bag will go with almost anything. Find it at Stripe in downtown Santa Cruz. Likewise, the two Baggu bags (below) in mint and yellow are gorgeous pieces. Sold at Cameron Marks, the colors are actually quite easy to wear. I couldn't resist—I ran across all of these finds today. Prices range from $42-$160 for any of the bags seen on this page, but I think having your own "it bag" (and a vibrant one at that) is well worth the price.