Walk 1,000 Miles

I have a pair of tall black leather boots in my closet (just like everyone else). And while they get me through the winter, they don't necessarily make a significant fashion statement. And so, I've long been wanting to invest in a brown fall boot. But not something tall (like everyone has). Rather, I've been looking for something mid-length, or maybe a bootie, but with some pizzazz. 

My search has been going on for some time but recently I discovered the two-tone pair seen above. The Bonny Boot, a design collaboration between Samantha Pleet and Wolverine was released two years ago in various colors, but the style is once again returning to stores and I discovered it at Jade, a boutique in Santa Cruz. Although it has a heel, reviews for the boot are exceptional. It's the exact shoe I've been looking for. 

For those who want something a little different, the Blixen Boot is another stylish alternative to the traditional tall fall boot. With laces and a buckle, it's a little bit old school and a little bit country. 

Either choice is a stunner and a perfect unique fall boot. 

Boot Season

Although every season is appropriate for shoe shopping, I feel that fall and winter are the most exciting times in the shoe department. Being a beach girl at heart, I tend to gravitate towards simple slip on sandal styles in the warmer months, and avoid anything too elaborate. But the chillier the day, the more excited I get about all the cozy cute options in my closet (or soon to be!).

Here are a few of my favorite chilly weather shoes:

Rainy day: I love rubber rain boots. The colors and patterns make a dreary, rainy day just that much more exciting. Hunter boots are my absolute favorite, and make me actually excited to brave the wet streets. They come in so many bright colors and styles, and are always made with the highest quality.

Work or play: I’m currently obsessed with ankle boots. I’m petite, and could most definitely benefit from wearing heels more often, but truthfully they just hurt my feet. So if you’re anything like me, ankle boots are the answer. I prefer styles with a heel that offer some height, but are much more comfortable than a stiletto, and still just as chic. They work great with skinny jeans for work or tights and a skirt for an evening out.

Go-with-everything boots: A high-quality pair of fabulous flat-heeled boots will do your wardrobe wonders during the fall and winter. They go with everything and always become my most loved pair of shoes in my closet.

Something extra: When a little something extra is essential to your outfit, try a pair of high heeled boots or over-the-knee boots for a little more character.

Images courtesy of The Coveteur