Pass the Hat

As the weather starts to get chilly, it will be tempting to pull out a beanie to keep your head warm. Avoid at all costs and instead, choose a chic hat. From rancher to floppy to cloche, there's a style for everyone. All of the versions seen here from Anthropologie can serve as a bright pick-me-up when you're feeling the winter doldrums. So this season, keep your beanies locked away and give hats a chance. 

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Hat's Off


Hat's Off

There’s just something about vintage inspired hats that oozes sophistication and style. Just ask your grandmother and she’ll tell you that when she was young, respectable people didn’t leave the house without a hat and a good pair of gloves. Call me crazy, but I actually yearn for that bygone era of gentility combined with fashion conformity where people wore hats because it was the done thing, and not simply because they were having a bad hair day.

So when I saw the cornucopia of fall hats on, I felt a bit giddy. A throwback to bygone eras, the cloche hat of the 1920s emerges as the clear fall trend. Choose from leopard print, sunshine yellow, mustard and dove grey—each so different, but all will be able to imbue your look with a subtle vintage flair. Alcohol may now be legal and we’ve moved on from dancing the Charleston, but the cloche hat is one remnant of the 20s that we hope long endures.