Fall's Easy Transition Piece

Of course, it's a scarf. As everyone wears scarves year round now, what better way is there to move out of summer and into fall than with a slightly warmer scarf? Now is a great time to start finding some favorites that will see you through the cool months. Shearling and faux fur stoles, shades of camel, and black and white are all sure bets to add to your chilly weather wardrobe. I'm especially fond of the turtleneck as a fun departure from the norm.

All Around Winner: The Scarf



One of my favorite accessories to wear season after season is the scarf. It's essentially just a hemmed piece of fabric, yet so much more! This piece can instantly upgrade your outfit, keep you warm, protect your shoulders from sun, serve as a cover up, and do a number of other duties. Feeling a bit chilly? Spill something on the front of your shirt and need to hide it? Suddenly need an impromptu picnic blanket? A friend’s baby (or yours) needs a blanket? Your scarf to the rescue! Plus, with the transitional weather of fall coming up, the scarf makes the perfect piece to wear from day to night. There are so many patterns and materials to choose from, it just makes collecting them all the more fun. And a great way to update your wardrobe without spending a ton of money. Always a winner in my book!