5 Favorite Closet Staples


Closet Staples


This fall brings a slew of new and fabulous trends to try. But after giving my closet a good once over, I have realized that I'm more in need of staples. The go-to, but not necessarily dazzling items that make a wardrobe tick.

That's why these are my top five favorites for fall right now. You cannot go wrong with an OD (olive drab) parka. I wore my last one out. Literally. It was shredded and torn with buttons missing so I forced myself to let it go. I need a replacement stat.

Graphic tee's are fun and go with everything. I'm not sure there's such a thing as too many in one's closet. I'm especially fond of animal themes but hearts and stars are always good, too.

Soft pants with stretch. These moto ones from Anthropologie look like they can go year round and it's nice to have a change from jeans every once in a while.

These wedge booties are the epitome of cool. Usually my shoe criteria is, "how will they stand up to trips to the park?" But sometimes you have to have some shoes that just make you feel fierce.

A cross body bag in an unusual color is my ultimate. I love having free hands and a pop of color in an unexpected place.