Eco-Fashion Icon: Stella McCartney

World-famous fashion designer (and daughter of Beatle Paul McCartney) Stella McCartney received a high honor from the Queen of England yesterday. McCartney was given an Order of the British Empire medal for her vast contributions to the British fashion industry. But just as significant—to me, anyway—is what she’s accomplished by bringing eco-sensibilities into high fashion. To start, McCartney is a lifelong vegetarian (and Meat-Free Monday advocate) who uses no fur or leather in her creations. She’s also pioneered the use of sustainable materials in fashion lines, from eyewear made from 50 percent natural and renewable materials, to shoes with soles made from a bioplastic called APINAT (which means they will biodegrade if placed in mature compost) and lingerie that utilizes recycled metal and organic cotton. I may not be a queen with a fancy medal to offer, but for what it’s worth I hereby bestow upon her the highest honor of Eco-Fashion Icon—a symbol of how fashion and success can be paired with values and environmental responsibility.