FashionART Review

For the past eight years, Santa Cruz's Michaelangelo art gallery and studios has put on FashionART Santa Cruz, a remarkable spectacle showcasing a diverse array of creative talent. This year, on Sept. 28, the work of 40 artists and designers was showcased. 

IB Bayo’s immaculately hand-crafted fabrics from Nigeria fully encompassed both the fashion and art categories. He learned to dye and weave from his mother and the art of tailoring from his father, who made clothing for Nigerian royalty. Christina Cree, a prolific local designer participating in both the art and design segments, showed the lovely “pages of Vogue,” a carefully constructed 1950s post-war gown folded from Vogue magazine pages and worn gracefully by her own daughter.

The general feeling back stage was one of excitement and appreciation. Two friends and I collaborated on a piece for the art segment entitled “Beearded Lady" (see the first photo above). Out of the many hours, pricked fingers, iron burns, and late nights, emerged a strange and beautiful fashion art piece that we were proud to be a part of. That sentiment was evident in nearly everyone involved with FashionART: it was an unmistakable feeling of pride, not just for one’s own piece, or for a friend’s, but for the chance to be a part of the entire event either on or off the runway.