Fashioning Change

These days, it's not only the naysayers that are decrying the dismal state of the environment. Pretty much everyone in Western civilization has an inkling that if something is not done soon, global warming will melt the glaciers, landfills will overflow and the Pacific Geyer will cause detrimental destruction to life as we know it. And that's just the beginning. How is it possible to go about being a responsible (and fashionable!) consumer under such dreadful circumstances? I for one have discovered Fashioning Change. This website is dedicated to providing conscientious consumers with chic, eco-friendly and ethical alternatives to popular name brands. The burgeoning website strives to ensure that every item in their stylish roster has been made in an environmentally sustainable way and has protected the rights of the humans that pieced it together. Sound a bit crunchy? Well, trust me, these pieces can stand their own against any and all of your favorites. Do you like Gap or J Crew T-shirts? Check out Fashioning Change and you'll find brands like FirbEthik based out of Montreal, Canada whose super soft Ts are fair trade and made from 100 percent organic cotton. Do you like sweet dresses or lacy tops a la Zara or Tory Burch? Then you'll love Singapore based Etrican which creates flowy, fun fashion using fair labor practices and produces a small carbon footprint. Upon registration with Fashioning Change, a quick and basic brand quiz allows the site to glean information on your preferences and then makes recommendations based on your personal style choices. But the best part is that despite the clothing being both eco-friendly and superbly fashionable, it's actually quite affordable and therefore completely attainable. We may not be able to single handedly stop the depletion of the ozone layer, but we can choose to purchase a T-shirt or a pair of shoes that contribute to a better and more sustainable planet, therefore doing out part in saving both the economy and the Earth. 

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