Faux Fur Allure

To wear a fur stole around one’s neck is to instantly feel the glamour of Hollywood’s heyday. To wrap oneself in a fur coat and channel the luxurious lifestyle of a Russian heiress must be bliss—you can practically taste the caviar and champagne. Fur represents an opulence and extravagance that we seldom see in modern living, all of us running around in jeans and practical wool toppers.

Before PETA comes a-splashing with the red paint, by no means am I suggesting any kind of animal cruelty—I am a vegetarian after all. What I am suggesting is that a good faux fur accessory can add a touch of glamour to an otherwise humdrum wardrobe, thus making for your new go-to winter accessory. I’m a fan of the simple fur stole, which can gussie up any dress or top like this elegant option from JCrew.

While you may not be comfortable with head to toe fur a la Marlene Dietrich, one well-placed fur accessory is all you need to look like a 40s screen siren. And let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to look like that?