The "Must Have" Neckwear for Fall

 Hot Under the Collar 1

I'm seeing fur scarves, collars and stoles all over the Web and I'm loving them. I've always been one for scarves in the first place, and these faux fur versions, (sorry real fur, I just can't promote you unless you're running free as you were meant to), are so retro throwback/thoroughly modern chic they can't be missed. Perfect with a light-weight jacket now that the air is crisp, they transfer seamlessly to wear with your heavier coat come winter. The collars, especially, give a new dimension to your everyday cold weather topper. The colorful ones are a fun twist, but I'm a fan of the rich, natural hues as well. Here are a few picks that are so reasonably priced you might as well buy more than one and stretch the life of your old coats as long as you possibly can.

Hot Collars

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