Craft Beauty

Making crafts has never been my thing. Inevitably, something goes wrong—the glue gets hard, I’m missing a piece or I simply give up hope that I can ever create anything that is actually worth the trouble of spending hours in the hot pursuit of making it (when I could easily buy the same thing at Target). Despite completing a successful craft or two in Girl Scouts, the overwhelming fear of crafting failure generally dominates and I’m lucky if I emerge from the experience without having thrown something.

So imagine my surprise when, as an adult, I became enamored with a website called For the Makers. This trendy craft site has become a smash hit not only with DIY-ers, but with fashionistas of every rank and file. Imagine this: a mysterious box arrives on your doorstep each month, packed with the materials to create four different fashionable works of art. Perhaps an art deco hair barrette? Maybe a boho-inspired bracelet? Whatever the style, each piece that is created from the magic box is one-of-a-kind.

Whether you aspire to be more hands on in your fashion explorations, or you’re simply trying to get more bang for your buck, For the Makers monthly craft kits allow you to experiment with the novel and indulge in the unique. We know you’re at the forefront of fashion ingenuity, but in an economy-based world more and more concerned with self-sufficiency, DIY may just be the new “it” style. Let the crafts begin.

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