When Heather Lipner was the creative director for MySpace, she didn't have much time to indulge her fashion bug. So when the social media site was sold in 2011 and she lost her job, Lipner started pouring her technological savvy and fashion interests into an innovative project called Uncovet, an online independent boutique which scours the Internet and works similar to Netflix—it picks out stylish items that it thinks you might be interested in. Think of it as similar to Gilt Group but offering unique, limited edition items (it's not a designer clearance type of thing). Uncovet.com launched this spring and if you sign up (no charge), you get a daily email that offers personalized shopping recommendations. From what I've seen so far, everything is very original and has a deeply stylish/hip factor to it. My recommendation: Check it out for a unique lamp, a one-of-a-kind clutch, or a daring necklace that no one else will have.