Fall Favorites—Orange and Army Green

I'm a sucker for anything clothing-related that falls into the orange or army green hues. And, I think, there's no better season to wear these colors than fall. Here are five of my favorite items rolling out this upcoming season that not only give a nod to a fall color palette, but are statement pieces that will also warm you up when the winds kick up. 

Top left: the Doctor's Peplum by Sally Esposito, a Santa Cruz fashion designer and writer for The Penny Rose. I own this peplum and find that of everything in my closet, this top gets the most feedback from people on the street over anything else that I own. Pair it with black skinny jeans as seen here, and a pair of Rousseau earrings from Blank Verse Jewelry, or try something unexpected and wear with deep red linen pants. Find it at Stripe in Santa Cruz or for those living outside the area, custom order one through Sally Esposito directly. 

Bottom left: this burnt orange cape by Synergy is cozy, stylish, and the color is very flattering. It sells for $119 at Synergy stores in Santa Cruz and San Francisco as well as other retailers that carry the Synergy Organic Clothing brand.

Middle: this rust-colored, long vest/cape by Heidi Merrick is a must-have. It's absolutely beautiful.

Bottom right: created by German line, hiu-hiu, and sold in the United States by Santa Cruz online retailer, Beklina.com, this orange jacket reminds me of a sweet flower. It sells for $290.

Top right: this remarkable trench coat is perfect for fall—it combines the always-popular military jacket look, with a length that's ideal for cool weather. The piece is by one of my favorite designers, Gro Abrahammson for her Danish line, Gróa. She also sometimes designs an exclusive line for Anthropologie.