Dressing for the holidays made easy


Dressing for the Holdiays

It's that time of year again. Invitations start to roll in, thoughts turn festive, and I turn to my closet. What to wear? This year I thought a modern take on some old Hollywood glamour might be the perfect foil for an unusual cocktail ring. A tuxedo jacket with a very grown up bodysuit can't go wrong when mixed with sequin cropped pants. Add sky high pumps, a sleek clutch and you've got an outfit to come back to over and over again. It mixes well with any occasion from office christmas party, cocktail party, or dinner at a friend's. Maybe not so much for the cookie exchange but you could easily swap out the body suit and jacket for a sweater. Most importantly, enjoy the season and the opportunity to spend time with friends and loved ones.

Plaid Tidings: Four Festive Holiday Scarves

If there's one thing missing from my wardrobe this season, it's a plaid scarf. Charming, festive, attention-grabbing accessories, the plaid or tartan scarf is a must-have. How to wear it? Pick one color from the mix and use that as your grounding piece. As seen here in the $29.99 "Plaid Blanket Scarf," (upper right), blue might be the hue you grab onto. Choose a dark or medium blue blazer, a white blouse, a burgundy hat, and blue jeans, of course, to complete the look. Do the same with any other plaid or tartan. Seen here are four of my favorites this season. 

Clockwise: Check It Blanket Scarf, $29.99 / Plaid Blanket Scarf, $29.99 / Scavenger Hunt Plaid Scarf, $28.99 / The Tartan Scarf, $23.99.

The Holiday Family Portrait


Left to right. Desiree: Dress, Lauren Moffatt, $425, Cameron Marks / Coat, Stylist's Own / Earrings, $75, Blank Verse Jewelry  / Shoes, BHLDN. Paige: Dress, Gentle Fawn, $105, Jade / Coat, Mia, $215, Jade / Shoes, Stylist's Own / Belt, Stylist's Own / Earrings, $95, Blank Verse Jewelry / Necklace, $80, Blank Verse JewelryAnna: Dress, Sally Esposito Designs, $285 / Coat, Maison Scotch, $275, Cameron Marks / Shoes, Stylist's Own / Necklace, $90, Blank Verse Jewelry. Photo gallery is here.

Some sisters seem to be perpetually in competition with each other. But these three, reunited for the holidays, always cheer each other on with innovative fashion choices: they mix patterns in unexpected ways, using plaids and old-fashioned florals, they elevate their hair styles with wild, party curls, and punch up their makeup palettes. Each complements her winter outfit with one-of-a-kind items from Blank Verse Jewelry. Snapping photos this season with family? Take some daring fashion risks by mixing prints (remember colors should complement each other), and try deep, red lips. And don't for a second tame your tresses.

Photographer: Nick Chao. Creative Director: Christa Martin. Fashion Stylist: Sally Esposito. Hair: Ginger Vaughn. Makeup: Anna Wu. Production Manager: Gina Peters. Models: Desiree Amariei, Paige Harlamoff, Anna Wu. Host: Fred Keeley.

Holiday Greetings


Left to right. Desiree: Dress, Lush, $36.95, Sway / Scarf, Spun by Subtle Luxury, $58, Pacific Trading Company / Blue Bird Necklace, $85, Blank Verse Jewelry / Clutch, Tracey Tanner, $89, Cameron Marks / Shoes, Stylist's Own. Anna: Dress, Tulle, $85, Pacific Trading Company / Sweater, Velvet, $175, Pacific Trading Company / Shoes, Stylist's Own / Black Falcon Necklace, $80, Blank Verse Jewelry / Belt, BCBG, Stylist's Own, $78. Paige: Dress, Cici, $165, Jade / Vintage Stole, Stylist's Own / Suitcase, Stylist's Own / Lapis Geometric Chandelier Earrings, $95, Blank Verse JewelryPhoto gallery is here.

Having spent the last year apart, three sisters reunite as the youngest returns home for the Christmas holiday from studying abroad. They're bedecked in shades of blue, a nod to their royal ancestry, but each has made it her own. The eldest sister turns heads in her sophisticated but sexy maxi dress in blue, while the middle sister indulges in black velvet and converts a sweater into a shrug. The youngest carries retro luggage, wears a body-hugging dress, and tops the whole look off with a nod to old Hollywood in a glamorous stole. She keeps her look modern with a cuff by Blank Verse Jewelry.

Photographer: Nick Chao. Creative Director: Christa Martin. Fashion Stylist: Sally Esposito. Hair: Ginger Vaughn. Makeup: Anna Wu. Production Manager: Gina Peters. Models: Desiree Amariei, Paige Harlamoff, Anna Wu. Host: Fred Keeley.

Good Tidings

Left to right. Anna: Dress, Stylist's Own / Hat, David & Young, $32.95, Sway / Gold and Freshwater Pearl Necklace, $110, Blank Verse Jewelry. Desiree: Dress, Gentle Fawn, $110, Jade / Jacket, Greylin Jenner, $124, Wallflower / Shoes, Stylist's Own / Belt, Stylist's Own / Disco Earrings, $75, Blank Verse Jewelry. Photo gallery is here.

Snuggled up on a chaise lounge while it's freezing outside, two sisters wait for their youngest sibling to come home for the holidays, returning from her first year of college abroad. Dressed for any holiday occasion, they pair pale pink with deep orange to create an untraditional but surprisingly festive color palette that spreads across seasons. 

Photographer: Nick Chao. Creative Director: Christa Martin. Fashion Stylist: Sally Esposito. Hair: Ginger Vaughn. Makeup: Anna Wu. Production Manager: Gina Peters. Models: Desiree AmarieiAnna Wu. Host: Fred Keeley.