Discovery of the Week: Cinq Jewelry

Right now, I'm yearning for these jewelry pieces seen above. I first discovered the line, Cinq, by San Francisco designer Vipada when I was browsing around Mill Mercantile's website. Wowed by the minimalistic and organic style of the line, I had to see the pieces in person so I swung by Mill Mercantile during a stop through the city, where I had a chance to try on my favorite piece, the versatile brass collar neckcuff, $125. This stunning, simple piece can be worn two ways—with the ends hanging down, or wrapped around your neck, thus creating two necklaces in one. In person? It's even more striking than in photos. 

Vipada's line of jewelry is an evolution from her fashion design background. Jewelry, she says, "Is more instinctual and less utilitarian than clothing hence more personal expression." I agree. That's the beauty of jewelry—you can transform any outfit with a beaded cuff, a half moon bracelet, or a versatile necklace. 

See more of the Cinq jewelry line at 

Jewelry Report: Hell Bent

We first wrote about Hellbent jewelry a few years ago in this article. Ever since then, I've been keeping tabs on the work of designer Beth Naumann to see what new things she's been creating, and I'm consistently wowed by her work. Naumann's designs have a particular affinity for geometry, which seems to be a nod to her archictectural background. These necklaces and bracelets are four of my favorites from her website. This is the kind of jewelry that will never go out of style, and can be worn with anything. The necklaces are $130 (left) and $120 (right) and the bracelets are $37 (top right) and $50 (top left). I'll take one of each, please. 

Jewelry Report: Sol Del Sur

If you live in the Bay Area and have a chance to swing by Stripe, a store in Santa Cruz, you won't be disappointed. The charming lifestyle boutique has a little bit of everything and a delightful and expansive jewelry collection. That's where I first discovered Sol del Sur jewely line (seen above). Combining fiber arts and metal, Sol del Sur is for the woman who's a minimalist, with a side of drama.

Helmed by Soledad Proaño, a Brooklyn designer, the line is influenced by the "solitude and quietness in the open landscapes (in Chile) that she visited as a teenager," says her website. The multicultural qualities of her work is apparent in the zig zag cutting of metal and interwoven leather strips. The totality of the designs is striking, charming and on my must-have jewelry wish list. 

Learn more about the designer and see more of her work at 

Jewelry Report: Myers Collective

It's no surprise that the innovator behind these striking and architectural necklaces is, in fact, an architect. Meet Jenny Myers, the brilliant mind behind Myers Collective, a modern, cool, sophisticated line of jewelry for the minimalist who likes to make a statement, albeit it a sleek, simple one. I first discovered Myers' line of jewelry on Of A Kind in a distinct collaboration between her line and their creative project. 

Combining materials like silk, copper, wood beads, and brass, her line is thoroughly original. I'd love to snap up any of these pieces (and many more) featured on her website. 

Find the line at the Myers Collective website and at these other stores

Jewelry Report: Faris

I have a soft spot for gold and brass minimalistic jewelry. But it can sometimes get a little too simple. So when you're in the mood to honor modern simplicity, but you want to jazz it up, the Faris jewelry line will do just that. 

I discovered this line at Legion, one of my favorite stores in San Francisco, and I've fallen in love with all four of the pieces seen above, which range in price from $95 to $258. 

Seattle designer Faris Du Graf "explores the complexity and simplicity of shapes," says her website. And that's exactly what she does. Any piece here would elevate an outfit: wear with jeans or a dress. This far-reaching jewelry is versatile enough for daily wear and dramatic enough for a night out.  

Find Faris at Legion in San Francisco, soon at Cameron Marks in Santa Cruz, and at other stores across the country, and online at