Japan’s Eyelash Obsession

Every country has a national obsession. England’s is football, Argentina’s is tango and Japan’s is eyelashes. Pardon me? you might say. But you heard me right. Every convenience store, pharmacy and even vending machines stock false eyelashes and mascara and a bevy of other eyelash related products to ensure that the eyes of Japanese women are perfectly aflutter.

Not being a fan of smearing glue near my eyeballs, I opted out of the falsie craze. But a Japanese friend clued me in on a mascara with false eyelash results, and I immediately knew I had to try it. Produced by one of Japan’s most popular makeup labels Kate Tokyo, the brand’s black feather lash mascara is, may I say, an eye miracle.

With a brush that has super short, almost cactus-like bristles, it precisely adheres to every lash with zero clumpiness. Because of the wand’s special design, it can reach even the smallest corner lashes and delivers minimal product for maximum results. And because it’s made to resemble false lashes, the formula means that it’s super long lasting, in fact, my only complaint is it practically needs extra strength makeup remover to rid yourself of its fantastic coverage.

Disclaimer: For best results, I used an eyelash curler first. But on the whole, I’ve never known a mascara to make my lashes look so fabulous—in fact, I’m starting to form an obsession of my own.

I purchased a tube for 1,500 Yen (about $12) at a Japanese pharmacy, and you can find a tube here.