Beauty Report: Kai Linen Wash


On those days when there's no time to grab a shower, it's nice to put on some clothes that have a natural, subtle clean fragrance built into them. This happened to me recently.

Sleep deprived after several wildly busy days, I overslept one morning and bolted out of bed, grabbed my outfit of the day and headed off to another jam packed schedule. Even though I didn't have a chance to shower in the morning, my clothes made me feel awake. I wondered what it was. I should have been feeling tired and sluggish, and kind of grimey, but instead I felt alive and refreshed. And then I tapped into my senses and was able to notice a very light scent that I had been carrying with me all day. It was the fragrance I've been living for lately: kai, a subtle, gardenia-infused, all-natural scent. 

A few days prior, I had done my laundry and poured a few capfuls of kai's linen wash into the washing machine. 

That's the beauty of finding a gem of a beauty product: it surprises you when you least expect it. And kai fine linen wash did just that for me. 

Find it at Nordstrom here.