Copycat DIY: Lauren Moffatt

Left: Lauren Moffatt Miss Lonelyhearts Stripe Top / Right: DIY

A few months ago, I fell head over heels for Lauren Moffatt‘s awesome Miss Lonelyheart’s Stripe Top in navy and cream. All her designs are amazing (she is one of my favorite designers), but I could not get this one striped shirt out of my head. I really wanted it. Or better yet, I really wanted to make it. And so I did.

DIY Shirt Detail

How’d I do it?

I was able to find Japanese 100 percent cotton fabric at our local fabric store. For the pattern, I started with this easy McCall’s dress pattern and altered the neck, sleeves, and hemline. Before cutting into my two yards of precious Japanese fabric (which I used almost the entire amount of due to the way the stripes ran on the fabric), I made a muslin prototype so I could tweak it wherever I needed to. Once I worked out the kinks, I got down to cutting, sewing, and serging. A couple hours later, I had my shirt!

The original top is sold out on Lauren Moffatt’s website, though some retailers may still have them in stock. They also released a similar style in red.

They say imitation is the highest form of flattery—hats off to you Ms. Moffatt!

Photos by Kristin Heitzler