Meet the Woman Who's Changing Our Legs

When I recently heard about Legology, I was intrigued by its claims. "Liberate lymph." Yes, please. "Discourage cellulite." Oh, yeah. "Tone and tighten the entire leg." Is this for real? And it goes on. These are the kinds of solutions to my leg woes that I've been seeking for a long time, but nothing has worked to solve my "thick leg" situation. Until now. Enamored by the science behind the product, as well as the expert who created it (Telegraph Beauty Editor Kate Shapland), I had to try it out.

The results matched the claims, to perfection. And while I've been confidently using the sleek, non-oily, lemony-scented product for a few months now, I noticed instant results the first few times I used it. (I'm not kidding.) Intrigued to have finally discovered my dream product, I interviewed its founder, Shapland. See what she has to say (below) and find Legology for $88 USD at Liberty, a UK retailer. 

How did Legology come to be and why did you want to create it? 

I’ve been writing about beauty for some 25 years and have always been interested in leg care—actually, what started out as a fascination in cellulite turned into an out-and-out obsession with leg beauty and welfare generally. I realized over the years how little there was that treated legs in a high performance, specialized way—and which was great to use! So much seemed focused on cellulite and of course as we know women have other issues with their legs. Cellulite is also closely connected with lymph. What I wanted to do was create a high performance product that enhanced lymph and lightened heavy legs, and in doing so could discourage cellulite.  The product had to work and it had to be so lovely to use that it became an addiction. The last thing I wanted to do was create another anti-cellulite product which was a chore to use and did nothing. 

How long has it been in the making? 

If you count all the years I’ve been obsessed with leg care, perhaps 15 to 20. But I’ve been actively working on the formula and the brand for five years.

Do you relate to women with "heavy" legs? 

I do. That’s where my obsession and passion for legs comes from. I suffer with fluid retention and heaviness particularly in the heat and when flying, and I know how dragging this can be. I also suffer with shooting pains when I wear heels which are too high. I have never found a product that has really helped this issue, and believe me I’ve tried everything. So I had to go and make it myself.

What's the science behind it and how does it work? 

Legology Air-Lite was developed by myself and an independent French chemist. It stimulates the lymph, enhancing its flow when you move, and the circulation. It’s a deep drainage product with excellent diuretic properties. Its texture is light—like the inside of an uncooked meringue, and its scent is light—Amalfi lemons (which also have a detox effect). 

Legology contains two key complexes which are new to beauty: LegActiv and ProContour. These contain ingredients like caffeine and Jew’s myrtle with powerful stimulating and diuretic qualities. Also properties that hydrate and tone your legs, dissolve aches, pains and fatique. Lymph can build up in the body. That’s why you get puffy and heavy with oedemic swelling. Lymph only moves when you move, so if you spend the day in front of a PC you can suffer from lymph congestion.

What's the key to applying it?

The key to applying Legology is to do it with relish! Enjoy every minute of it and apply it from your feet up. I’ve written a set of instructions which come on a leaflet inside the box, and this explains the best massage movements to use. 

What kinds of results are you hearing about from women who've been using it?

I’ve had some wonderful feedback from users who have discovered it and understood the difference between Legology and a regular cellulite cream. I’m happy to have been able to bring a sexy new dimension to this sector of the market. Leg care is not all about being on a quest to erase your cellulite completely (not possible) or wearing support tights and comfy shoes. Quite a few people have said it’s the kind of product they didn’t know they needed till they had it. Hopefully it’s now a staple for them. 

Where is Legology sold? 

Currently in the UK we sell Legology at a few cherrypicked outlets including Liberty, Josh Wood’s Beauty Atelier, BeautyMART, MyShowcase, The Whiteley Clinic (Dr. Whiteley is a very talented vascular surgeon who has endorsed Legology), Fortnum & Mason, and the Treatment Rooms in Brighton. We are taking our distribution slowly—we want Legology to be available in most synergistic outlets.

Will there be other products in this line forthcoming?

Yes! You’ll get to hear about these early next year. All I can say is, when life gives you lemons ...

What's your ultimate mission with Legology?

To create a brand that properly works but is a joy to use and has a sense of humour. Legology is already developing in a lifestyle way and I have plans to develop products beyond beauty. Uh oh, I hope my husband isn’t reading this.

What beauty products are you eyeing right now?

That’s the million dollar question. Right now I’ve got the new Louboutin nail polish on my desk because it’s a work of art, although I still can’t decide whether it’s a thing of beauty or a fetishist’s fantasy. On the whole, I love anything and everything Guerlain do. And I’m mad about Sage LA’s mini candles—she has a shop in LA, and she’s incredibly talented.

You’re traveling, and can only bring one bag: what favorite beauty items stay home, and what must go with?

Everything goes with. I dream of being that girl who knows how to pack. Just as I dream of being that girl who keeps every pair of shoes in a box with a polaroid of the shoe on the outside. Actually, does she really exist?

Mani or pedi? 

Neither. I do my own nails every Sunday night.

Lip gloss or lip balm? 

Both. In my makeup bag, every coat and jacket pocket, car glove compartments. And every single one is a different lilac-pink nuance.

Heels or flats? 

Both. But if it’s heels, no higher than 85 mm. Net a Porter and Porter editor Lucy Yeomans told me about the science behind the right heel height for your foot size, leg length and height and it changed my life.

Find Legology for $88 USD at Liberty, a UK retailer.