Five Travel Must-Haves


5 Must Have Travel Essentials for Going AnywhereWith the holidays approaching, whether your adventures take you by land or sea, here are five multi-purpose, must-have travel essentials that you should never leave home without.

1. Lemlem Split Scarf. Going somewhere cold? Wrap the scarf around your neck a couple of times until it’s thick and bundled. Going somewhere warm? Drape over your shoulders on a chilly night. Going somewhere really warm? Tie it over your bathing suit like a mini-sarong or use it as a temporary beach towel. Flying? As long as you don’t mind looking silly (which I don’t), tie it around your head to cover your eyes or bunch it up and use as a pillow.

 2. Kiehl’s Lip Balm SPF 15Come wind or sun, you want your lips protected. There is nothing that will ruin your vacation faster than sunburned lips. I really like this one by Kiehls that adds a hint of color, so you can wear it alone or over your favorite shade. It also has a nice subtle gloss to it and instantly moisturizes, so you don’t feel like you’re pasting on white chalk.

3. Multi Envelope Clutch Bag from Boticca. When en route to your destination, fill your clutch with the essentials (money, ID, boarding pass), so they’re all in one easily accessible place. Once grounded, use your clutch for a special night out or anytime you don’t feel like lugging your whole purse.

4. Patagonia Ultra Lightweight Merino CrewCall me crazy, but I like to wear whatever shoes best suit my outfit when I’m traveling, which means I may find myself in anything from heels to sandals to boots. Whatever the case, a pair of good quality socks is always key. Planes, trains, automobiles, ferries, it doesn’t matter how you are being transported, it just matters that as soon as you sit down you can slip off your shoes and slip your feet into some warm, cozy socks. Because really, who can be comfortable and happy when their feet are cold?

5. Tory Burch Walden Cashmere SweaterNo matter what the temperature is where you’re going, always bring a cashmere sweater. It’s your blanket on the plane, your extra warmth in bed at night, your evening wrap, your soft layer under your jacket, your morning comfort while drinking coffee. I like to choose classics like black or ivory that work with most outfits and can still look dressed up if you catch yourself somewhere fancy.