Embracing Curves

After years of mentally struggling with my Kim Kardashian-sized booty and never finding a pair of jeans that would fit me just right, I heard about Curve ID jeans by Levi's. So, on a whim, I decided to stop in at the Levi's store in San Francisco and give this new line of denim a try.

The first thing that happens when you wander aimlessly about the massive store is that a salesperson kindly asks if they can help. And for the first time in my shopping history I finally said, "yes." She boldly measured my hips and waist and without telling me my actual measurements (thank you!), guided me toward the Supreme Curve pile of jeans. (These are the most generous of the four curve options and typically fit a woman who has a 10-inch ratio between her waist and hips. That means little waist, big hips.)

I tried on a pair, and while I had to shimmy to get them on, I was distinctly impressed by their fit. So much so that I bought two pairs on the spot and received a third pair as a gift recently. The inky, dark blue hue can go with anything in your closet, and offers a slimming shape. The black version is crisp and dressy, and the other two denim washes in this curve selection are equally flexible with your outfit options.

Visit a Levi's store or check out us.levi.com to learn more about Curve ID jeans.