Discovery of the Week: Poketo

Poketo is one of my favorite lifestyle boutiques and I've actually never set foot in the brick and mortar location in Los Angeles. But I've been eyeing it from afar via their website. I first got to know their online portal via their office supplies, which I have a major weakness for. But these are no ordinary, boring office supplies. Poketo features a vast array of stylish post it notes, pencil holders, pens, day planners, and more, all with modern simplicity as a style choice, with lots of bright colors and designs added in. 

Amidst their stationery and other lifestyle items, the store also boasts an impressive selection of jewelry and accessories. 

If you're in L.A., be sure to swing by the store and tell me what it's like. And if you're online (who isn't?) check out and you'll be redecorating in no time. 

Here are a few of my favorite things online right now: necklace by Academy; Japanese pillow covers; hand painted bowls; pens