A Succulent Dish

Lately, I have been inspired to re-pot some of my plants. I want more creative ways to showcase my adorable succulents other than in the usual terra cotta or ceramic pots. Here’s a round-up of some fun ways to display your succulents, as well as other greenery. Create your own miniature landscape enclosed in glass with a terrarium. Succulents are not high maintenance plants and do not need a lot of water so they do well in terrariums. I recently discovered a San Francisco designer named Meg A. Myers who creates beautiful geometric-shaped terrariums out of recycled window glass.

A ceramic dish is a fun alternative to a pot because there’s room to combine several succulents. Treat yourself with a trip to Bay Area garden mecca, Flora Grubb Garden Center, for a variety of vibrantly colored ceramic dishes. Or if you are feeling thrifty, peruse your local thrift store’s dishware section for a funky bowl, or baking dish. If you want to keep your surface spaces uncluttered, turn your succulents into wall art with  a hanging branch sculpture. Tillandsia and Bromeliads also work well with this design. Garden and natural science store, Paxton Gate, carries these plants, as well as supplies such as drift wood and moss to create your living work-of-art. 

Photo Credit for succulent bowl picture: Ashley Urke