Discovery of the Week: Brazilian Bags at Nest

After working for Vogue as a design director and W Magazine as an art director, design aficionado Anna Bern opened her store, Nest, in New York in 2006. Among the many items she carries at her store are one-of-a-kind leather and crocheted bags from Brazil. The bags, seen above, have been featured in major fashion publications and Bern is the only person selling them in the United States. Definitely investment pieces at prices ranging from $190 to $470, these minimalist, striking, original bags go with virtually any outfit, are eye-catching and practical, utilitarian and folksy, modern and cool. If you look at the bags above, you'll notice that each one is different in some small way: white or beige crochet work, different kinds of straps, various widths of leather. There's one for everyone. As for me, I'll take the Marreca White (top right), please. 

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