Navigating Netrobe

No matter how many items of clothing I seem to accumulate in my wardrobe, I feel like I always wear the same old things. I’ve read countless magazine articles that decry this phenomenon as a common problem afflicting even those with closets the size of small countries. Though my closet is more of the phone booth-sized variety, many things still seem to disappear into dark corners, and out of sight is, as they say, out of mind—thus my constant re-wearing of the same things dilemma.

The cure for this closet catastrophe? Netrobe. A free app for the iPhone, Netrobe touts itself as a virtual wardrobe assistant. Here’s how it works. You photograph each item in your wardrobe and upload them to the app, where you group the items by category—pants, dresses, shoes etc. You can then create outfits within your own wardrobe and save them to categories such as work, date night and casual weekends. Another great feature is the style calendar, where you can create and save outfits that you plan to wear on a specific date, or record what you wear each day if you are so inclined. But my favorite feature of all is the suitcase, where you can virtually pack for upcoming trips, ensuring that you won’t leave behind your favorite pair of earrings or your leopard print flats. Verdict? Netrobe is user-friendly, fun and highly addicting. And the best part is that now that I actually know what is in my closet, I may indeed start wearing more of it.