Eco-Beauty Buzz: Zoya Nail Polish

Along my eco-beauty journey, I’ve tried slews of non-toxic nail polishes, usually resulting in serious disappointment. Finding professional looking polishes that are free of toxic chemicals toluene, formaldehyde, DBP (phthalates) and camphor is rough, but I’ve found a few that do the job (and even shared some of my previous favorites with you here. But none of them even come close to my newest discovery: Zoya. (Granted, I have yet to try the “butter” line from LONDON that The Penny Rose’s Sarah York recently raved about—and it sounds similarly impressive.)  I recently picked up a bottle of Zoya’s Wednesday ($8) color at Staff of Life Market in Santa Cruz. It’s a faded, creamy turquoise that screams summer and is a funky addition to my warm-weather wardrobe. The color was what sold me, but how it looks on is what made me a believer. Just one simple coat and it is thick, opaque, long-lasting perfection. Don’t believe me? A panel in Women’s Health Magazine named Zoya the longest wearing natural nail polish. The eco-friendly brand has 300 colors to choose from, from sheer and shimmery to matte with sparkles, which is more than enough to keep my fingers happy—and toxin free—all year long.