What I'd Wear: Outdoor Summer Wedding


the guest
I only have one wedding to attend this year. It's in October in New York, so maybe I'll do a blog on what I actually wear for that one. In the meantime, I couldn't let the summer wedding season pass without something to show for it. I enjoy weddings and celebrating a couple's love for one another. I take pleasure in plotting my wardrobe as well, and I like the simplicity of a dress. I've said before I'm highly motivated by my desire for things to be easy; a dress does that and lets me accessorize as my whims dictate. I almost always want a little something askew, be it a contrast color somewhere, a stud or spike mixed in with something floral, a skull ring with a lace dress, etc. Most of all, I want to have a great time dancing the night away and not worry about my ensemble, thus all of the pre-planning. Here's how I might put together an outfit for a romantic outdoor wedding. Sigh, if only I had one to attend.