Best Balm (So Far)

Is anyone else on a constant quest for the perfect moisturizer for their parched lips? Ever since I was a young teen, I've been game to try a new salve or balm. In the process I've found most lipsticks drying, glosses too tacky or gummy, and general balms at the drugstore thick, heavy and sometimes too medicated, leaving my dry lips still screaming for help. I can't let their cries go unanswered thus I'm always looking out for a new candidate to hold the title of "The Best Balm." My criteria is not scientific by any means. I like the balm to go on smooth and easy, to feel light and moisturizing, have a lovely smell, and be devoid of flavor. Recently I happened across this perfect blend when I discovered Bead For Life, a non-profit that helps Ugandan women climb out of poverty by selling their handmade paper beads and shea products. This balm is a 100 percent natural blend of beeswax, shea and cocoa butters, tocopherol, and baobab and jojoba oils, along with a little peppermint oil thrown in. It meets all of my "best balm" requirements and does some good in the process. Not a bad combination.

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