Eco-Beauty Fairy Tale: RMS Beauty

There’s a new apple of my beauty eye as of late—RMS Beauty. I’m so enamored with this company’s cream eye shadow, bronzer, luminizer, cheek-to-lip glaze, et al. that I can’t help but evangelize about my new favorite makeup bag fixture to anyone who will listen. The story behind the luscious, glowing creamy pots is that of eco-beauty legend: successful makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift developed health problems which, after a series of extensive tests, were deemed to be because of dangerous levels of chemicals, pesticides and heavy metals in her blood. Cosmetics were the culprit. She revolutionized her own routine, improved her health, and set out on a mission to help other women do the same. The result was RMS Beauty, which uses certified organic ingredients and focuses on creating “living” products comprised of “bio available and nutrient complex” ingredients. The eye shadows are always a good bet, and some blended dabs of the luminizer on the upper cheek (below the outer eye) will brighten up your look. 

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